August 27, 2008

Yet more data lost

Yet another data security fiasco. This time the CPS records of "Operation Montrose, which saw 59 men jailed over drug dealing in 2005" turning up un-shreaded at a dump for anybody to pick up and peruse. This isn't the first time confidential data has been casually dumped[6] and it was only a week ago they lost the names and home addresses of every prisoner in in the UK. Given that they lose one laptop or phone every month, including several lost laptops containing data on potential recruits to the armed forces, these repeated breaches of security shouldn't really be a surprise. Everybody in the country must now know how bad the government is at dealing with their data. Particularly after last year when personal data on every child in the country and national insurance numbers and bank account details of parents and carers claiming child benefit went missing after the government sent two password-protected CDs through the post. What is surprising is that there could be anybody left out there that thinks that these giant centralised databases containing vast amounts of data are actually a good idea.


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